<title> LIBGEOTIFF </title>


General Notes

The libgeotiff library should compile cleanly with most ANSI-C or ANSI C++ compilers. All headers have appropriate extern "C" {} protection to ensure that entry points retain C linkage even if compiled with a C++ compiler.

Source Tree

The current CVS tree is available on the web. The source can be downloaded anonymously using the cvs checkout osrs/geotiff/libgeotiff command after logging in using the instructions on the remotesensing.org CVS howto page.

Include Files


All the source code in this toolkit are either in the public domain, or under an X style license. In any event it is all considered to be free to use for any purpose (including commercial software). No credit is required though some of the code requires that the specific source code modules retain their existing copyright statements. The CSV files, and other tables derived from the EPSG coordinate system database are also free for commercial and non-commercial use. In particular, no part of this code is copyleft, nor does it imply any requirement for users to disclose this or their own source code.

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